Avamere Award Winning Senior Healthcare Services

Avamere Health Services takes senior healthcare services very seriously. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of the care we provide our residents and patients. This dedication comes from our drive to improve the lives of all those we serve. A touchstone that represents a long-term care provider has achieved performance excellence is to receive the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) Quality Award. Since 2007, our long-term skilled nursing facilities in Oregon and Washington were awarded a total of 31 Bronze Awards and three Silver Awards. This is a huge achievement in and of itself, but it is time to turn those bronze medals into silver then gold.

Avamere Health Services has partnered with BaldrigeCoach for a two-day workshop on how to fine-tune the 20-page application for the AHCA Silver Quality Award. Avamere Skilled Nursing Administrators were coached by Kay Kendall – an AHCA/NCAL Master Examiner – on how to understand the Silver Award criteria, scoring guidelines, and technical requirements. Nicolette Merino, Regional Director of Operations for Avamere, remarked that the combination of lectures and case study will have real-world value for the organization beyond the application process.

The AHCA/NCAL National Quality Awards are part of a criteria-based program that recognizes performance excellence by member organizations of the AHCA and the NCAL. Organizations may apply for awards at three levels, each of which requires a more detailed and comprehensive demonstration of systematic quality. Facilities must receive an award at each level to progress to the next level.

“We are engaged, energetic, and excited about the application and our continued deployment of quality initiatives,” says Merino. This clearly speaks to the goal of Avamere Health Services to continue to be recognized by our peers throughout the nation as a premier provider of long-term care. We will continue this through our commitment to those we serve.

Avamere Award Winners * This chart is updated approximately every 6 months.