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Welcome to Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound

Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound is Tacoma’s newest, premiere short-term post-acute nursing and rehabilitation facility. Built in late 2016, our nearly 40,000 square-foot nursing and rehabilitation center features private rooms and one of the largest therapy gyms in the area. We utilize advance technologies, forward-thinking therapy techniques and foster an environment suited to returning patients to their home so they can get back to living their lives.

Since 1995, the Avamere Family of Companies has set a new definition of how people recover from an illness or injury. Through our mission to enhance the life of every person we serve, we are committed to being your guide along the way.

We welcome you and look forward to serving you on your road to rehabilitation and recovery.


Healthcare Services

Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound’s skilled nursing staff, comprised of registered and practical nurses, as well as occupational, speech, and physical therapists, help restore seniors’ lives after physical trauma, such as a stroke, heart attack, broken hip, or knee replacement. Our skilled nursing team, under the direction of the seniors’ physician, is ready to help with healing, rehabilitation, and a smooth transition back into a normal and healthy life.

Our nurturing and professionally trained nursing staff will work diligently, with direction from your primary care physician, to provide quality care that you deserve.

Front Desk
Front Desk

We offer:

  • Personalized assessments
  • Full-time care and supervision
  • Skilled nursing care, coupled with rehabilitative staff for a holistic care approach
  • A nice, inviting and home-like atmosphere
  • Insurance advice

When a person gets injured or has a prolonged illness, doctors often recommend Transitional Rehabilitation Services. Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies are part of Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound’s holistic approach to treating conditions affecting the elderly, from knee replacement to urinary incontinence. The goal of Transitional Rehabilitation treatments is to get you back to a level of independence experienced prior to injury or illness. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, total independence may not be attainable, but our skilled therapists will work with you to gain a level of comfort.

Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound’s Transitional Rehabilitation services are provided by Infinity Rehab. Infinity Rehab is a leader in therapy services and will help you get you reach further. If you’ve lost the ability to do even the most simple of tasks, our skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapy team can help you work toward your independence.

Therapy Gym
Therapy Gym

We are proud to provide short-term respite stays at a nightly fee. This is ideal for family caregivers who may need a few days or weeks off. We will work closely with your loved one’s primary care physician to help continue the care they deserve.


We strive to make your time with us as comfortable as possible and full of activities you enjoy. To facilitate these activities, we have a number of on-site amenities at your disposal – from a visiting beautician to libraries filled with books and movies. If there is an activity you would like to participate in, a game you would like to play, or an amenity you would like see added to our active community calendar you can speak directly with the administrator.

Here is just a sample of the amenities we offer:

  • Outpatient rehabilitation services
  • Weekly psychiatry services
  • On-site x-rays
  • On-site nurse practitioner
  • Pharmacy consultations
  • Therapy offered seven days a week
  • Private Rooms
  • Fine dining, including cultural menu options
  • Hush, no rush dining
  • WiFi
  • Desktop computers
  • Free, in-room television
  • Beautician
  • Pet visits
  • Free parking
Dining Room
Dining Room

We strive to make your time with us as comfortable as possible and as part of that goal every patient room is a private room. This allows for less disturbances as you go through the healing process and allows for more privacy when you have visitors.

Here are some of the features of our private rooms:

  • Private Bathroom w/ Shower
  • Optional In-Room Dining
  • Free In-Room Cable Television
  • Free WiFi
  • Telephone
Private Room
Private Room

Contact Us



630 S. Pearl St.
Tacoma, WA 98465

P: 253-671-7300


Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound is a Skilled Nursing and Transitional Rehabilitation community active in our local community. Visit our news section to learn about the latest stories and events affecting people in the Tacoma, Washington area.

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The Avamere Family of Companies

The mission of the Avamere Family of Companies is to enhance the life of every person we serve. Our comprehensive continuum of post-acute care and senior living settings help seniors with a range of health care needs and post-retirement options. When approaching the unique care needs and living situations of the individuals we serve, we strive to provide the guidance and services to stay comfortably in the residence of their choice. Explore our website to learn about our commitment to you.


The Avamere Family of Companies was established in 1995 with the rehabilitation of a single skilled nursing facility. Now, our services help individuals in hundreds of locations across 15 states.


For over 25 years, the Avamere Family of Companies’ core leadership team has worked to improve and expand post-acute services and senior living options locally and nationally.

Mission and Core Values

To Enhance the Life of Every Person We Serve

  • Integrity above all else
  • Passion for the quality of people’s lives
  • Quality that is obvious
  • Innovation, not emulation
  • A culture of trust and respect
  • Reaching to learn, grow and embrace change
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