Senior Health Information and Resources

Following is a list of senior health resources with senior health information that can help you and your loved ones navigate retirement, healthcare and support options.

The Alliance for Aging Research Dedicates itself to improving the health and independence of aging Americans.
Alzheimer’s Association Offers a variety of community-based programs and support services (800) 272-3900.
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Provides assistance in finding alternative care. They also publish a booklet called “Tools and Gadgets for Independent Living,” which lists products that can make life easier.
American Cancer Society Gives latest treatments and research (800) 227-2345.
American Chronic Pain Association Has more than 500 groups and publishes helpful information (916) 632-0922.
American Diabetes Association Helps seniors living with diabetes gain more insight (800) 232-3472.
American Dietetic Association Provides pamphlets with dietary guidelines and general health. Reach their hot-line at (800) 366-1655.
American Foundation for the Blind Expands possibilities for people with vision loss in the U.S. (800) AF-BLIND.
American Heart Association Helps educate caregivers (800) 242-8721.
American Institute for Preventive Medicine Encourages wellness, medical self-care.
American Medical Radio News Offers recorded message on a current health topic or feature story in medicine.
Arthritis Foundation Organizes multiple assistance events and programs (800) 283-7800.
Better Hearing Institute Educates the public about hearing loss and what can be done about it (800) 327-9355.
Billians Health Data Provides quality updated hospital data – 1-800-533-8484
Cancer Information and Counseling Line A national toll-free telephone information line designed to help people with cancer and their families. -(800) 525-3777
Center for Assistive Technology Conducts research and provides education and services to increase knowledge about assistive devices for persons with disabilities.
Consumer Product Safety Commission Hot-line Provides information on health-related products (800) 638-2772.
Consumers Union/Consumer Reports Offers a subscription to “On Health Newsletter” for $24.00 a month (800) 234-1645.  Helping Consumers Affected by Dangerous Drugs & Medical Devices (800) 452-0949.
Epilepsy Foundation of America Supports families living with epilepsy (800) EFA-4050.
Harvard Medical School Publications Offers an annual subscription to a variety of health, mental health and women’s health newsletters.
Hearing Aid Helpline (800) 521-5247
Lupus Foundation of America Provides support and services to people affected with lupus and advocates for a cure (800) 558-0121.
Medic Alert Foundation Arranges for emergency medical identification bracelets.
National Bone Marrow Donor Program Helps patients afford transplants and funds medical research (800) 654-1247.
National Chronic Pain Outreach Association Publishes newsletter and makes referrals (301) 652-4948.
National Easter Seal Society Gives information on mental and physical disabilities (800) 221-6827.
National Headache Foundation Gives helpful information for sufferers (800) 843-2256.
National Kidney Foundation Provides information on transplants and other community-building activities (800) 622-9010.
National Parkinson Foundation Shares information on outpatient services and physician referrals (800) 327-4545.
National Stroke Association Offers information on ways to prevent and recover from strokes (800) 787-6537.