Avamere and COVID-19: Unified. Transparent. Compassionate.

August 17, 2020

The Avamere Family of Companies is introducing a special company-wide campaign around COVID-19. Focusing on the words unified, transparent, and compassionate, the campaign will bring to life frontline stories, both triumphant and tragic, around the pandemic. The initiative will include both internal company communications and an external marketing campaign.

This COVID-19 campaign will span across its seven healthcare divisions. Avamere’s diverse companies operate in over 300 locations across 20 states with over 8,800 employees serving 86,500 seniors.


Such a complex, widespread pandemic requires unity. Avamere is in the senior space, but our approach to COVID-19 extends beyond our valued patients and residents. It includes our staff, our residents’ and patients’ family members, and our local communities.

This is evident in our COVID-19 testing on surfaces, patients, residents, and staff. It’s clear in our transparency with the public about our COVID-19 cases and in our close collaboration with health officials and the media. It’s obvious in our stories of Avamere heroes, coming to work every day to serve our patients and residents when they need us most.

As CEO Rick Miller stated in a message to employees: “It is precisely at times like these that our core values shine through. When faced with decisions, particularly the more difficult ones, lean into Avamere’s mission and core values to help you decide what is right. If you put people and quality first, we’re on the right path.”


Our patients, residents, families, and local communities deserve to know the real impact of COVID-19 in our senior communities. Transparency to Avamere means full disclosure about COVID-19 in our space – from real data to what we’re doing to promote health and safety.

Our COVID-19 data is regularly updated on the Avamere website. Leaders openly communicate with fellow health professionals and the media about Avamere’s safety protocols, COVID-19 testing, and more. Transparency is key to building unity with our patients, residents, their families, fellow healthcare professionals, and the communities we serve.


With a mission to enhance lives, one of Avamere’s core values is “passion for the quality of people’s lives.” Compassion is evident throughout Avamere, especially during COVID-19. From planning activities at a social distance outside and in hallways to coordinating family visits through technology or a window, staff work compassionately to help residents and patients not only survive this time in history, but to thrive.

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