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January 3, 2020

Kim Games, Regional Nurse Consultant with the Avamere Family of Companies, earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Phoenix’s online program in August 2019.

Earning this notable achievement came from Kim’s diligent work and support from her peers, leaders, and Avamere’s tuition reimbursement program.

She expressed her gratitude for the support she received from two Avamere leaders, Brad Litle and Carl Tabor.

“I wanted to thank you both for the encouragement, pushing me out of my comfort zone and having the trust in me to grow professionally,” she shared in her letter to Brad and Carl.

She then revealed both the professional and personal impact of gaining her BSN.

“I can’t thank Avamere enough for the financial support with the tuition, however this experience went beyond that. The commitment and flexibility that Carl showed in providing me time in my busy work schedule to focus on school gave me a balance for work, school, and home life and helped me accomplish my goal of professional growth. When I was stuck on an assignment, Carl was invaluable in providing me with help, insight, and mentoring. Without Carl’s leadership and mentoring, this last year would have been extremely difficult.

Additionally, my peers (RNCs, RDOs) were supportive through the process and encouraged me this last year, without this I would have struggled. Because of this journey and experience, I have found that it has reinvigorated my commitment to Avamere, and I’m excited to work with such a great team in achieving our goals and ‘enhancing the lives of every person we serve.’”

Congratulations to Kim Games on earning her BSN!

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