Avamere Leadership Program Team 150 presentation

December 23, 2019

The Avamere Family of Companies is preparing their leaders for greatness during a new leadership training and development program, called Team 150.

Originally earning its title from the 150 leaders Avamere was focusing on with this program, it has increased to include over 200 leaders throughout the healthcare company.

Team 150 leadership conferences

Team 150 is led by Mike Billings, Chief Innovation Officer at Avamere, who is also presenting at the conferences.

This program was born from Team 150 leaders asking for opportunities to improve their leadership and management skills, Mike said.

“This hunger for learning is a great illustration of the Avamere value ‘reaching to learn, grow, and embrace change’ in action. A primary responsibility of any leader is to make those around them better. Our Team 150 leaders recognize this and have the desire to grow in this area.”

As part of this program, leaders gather in person and remotely to attend one of three conferences at the end of 2019 and continuing into January 2020. The leadership conferences have been held in Eugene, Oregon and Seattle, Washington with a third conference scheduled in Portland, Oregon in January.

The program covers leadership and management topics using an evidence-based leadership model.

The management portion, in partnership with FMG Leading, focuses on communication, delegation, motivation, planning and more.

Leadership and management speakers

Derek Fenwick, Senior Director of Human Resources for Infinity Rehab, is presenting at the three initial Team 150 leadership summits.

“Our aim is to equip our leaders in the field with tools and tactics they can use in their day-to-day work,” Derek said. “The content that I am teaching with my fellow coaches gets at the heart of what it means to be an effective leader and offers research-based behaviors that anyone can learn to become stronger and more effective leaders.”

Derek and the fellow leadership presenters introduce key concepts and use activity-based learning to help attendees gain these skills. Get to know more about the “floating stick” activity here.

“These summits are bringing front-line managers together to build relationships within their respective regions,” Derek noted, “adding another level of support that can be tapped once the summits are over.”

Team 150 is part of Avamere’s People Priority, a goal focused on Avamere’s team and their development.

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