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May 25, 2020

Find your calling in nursing at Avamere.

A calling is something you feel drawn to. It’s what gets you out of bed every morning, it’s the reason you put in hard work, and it’s something you truly love.

At Avamere, staff truly care for their patients and residents as if they were family. And now more than ever with the threat of COVID-19, this is exactly the level of care seniors need. Enhance lives with Avamere while following your passion in your nursing career.

Here’s a little peek into the Avamere life.

Free nursing assistant classes

Nursing assistants at Avamere have support to gain their certification. Avamere offers free nursing assistant classes for individuals to expand their skillset and begin a career in long-term care.

Sign up for these free nursing assistant classes today!


Tuition assistance

Avamere helps their staff from the start with tuition assistance. Certified nursing assistants (CNA), licensed practical nurses (LPN), and registered nurses (RN) at Avamere can receive up to $6,000 annually in tuition reimbursement.

Ask an Avamere recruiter how you can take advantage of this great opportunity in your nursing career.

Get to know Avamere

Founded in 1995, Avamere began as a nursing community in Hillsboro, Oregon. Avamere grew to become the Avamere Family of Companies (AFC), a group of healthcare organizations committed to enhancing lives.

AFC staff live a unified mission “to enhance the life of every person they serve.” This includes their patients, residents, patient and resident family members, and fellow co-workers.

Now more than ever, Avamere staff emulate this mission in their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out their stories here.

Together, the team of healthcare staff have been serving seniors for 25 years and counting.

Your nursing pathway

There’s a place for you at Avamere whether you are just starting your nursing career or have been in healthcare for a while. With mentorship opportunities, classes, and tuition assistance, you can advance from a nursing assistant to CNA, medication aide, LPN, RN, or wherever you choose to take your career.

You can find your calling at Avamere during this critical time for seniors, and it all starts with one click.


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