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November 14, 2019

You can find your calling at Avamere. From the first day as a CNA, Avamere Crestview of Portland equips their nursing staff with the education, tools, and support they need to forge their career path.

CNA education and training

Education is a major piece of advancing a healthcare career. Fortunate for CNAs at Avamere Crestview of Portland, they are in the Avamere CNA education hub!

The Avamere Crestview of Portland building is the CNA training center for CNAs in the Portland metropolitan area.

“We’re big on the educational piece,” said Joseph Garibay, Administrator at Avamere Crestview of Portland.

CNAs learn from a registered nurse for the first four weeks, then hit the floor for two weeks of clinicals. During the course, Avamere staff share the potential to move up in their nursing career with educational support, tuition assistance, and mentorship opportunities.

In fact, Avamere Crestview of Portland has their own mentorship program where mentors are paid to mentor fellow employees.

Nursing career path

Joseph is passionate about providing education to his nursing staff and regularly welcomes local schools to hold nursing classes.

“There’s a road here to move up if they want,” Joseph expressed.

The education piece is so engraved in the Avamere culture that Joseph looks for this desire in people he hires.

“What is your goal here?” he asks interviewees, looking for that motivation in them.

He truly wants his nursing team to know he supports them in their path and that if they want a place to grow their career, there’s a place for them at Avamere.

A calling to care

Working in the healthcare industry is truly a life calling. This is also true for the Avamere Crestview of Portland team.

“A lot of our CNAs have been here for quite some time. They come to work and cover shifts just so they can care for people,” Joseph noted. “I’m proud of them when it comes to that, because they are very close to the residents.”

You could be part of this team. Find your calling at Avamere.


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