Avamere People Priority

August 15, 2019

You’ve probably heard about Avamere’s strategic priorities by now, but you may be wondering what this means for you.

Of the six strategic priorities, there’s one specifically dedicated to the Avamere team: our People Priority. Here’s how this helps you as an employee.

1. Avamere hears your voice

Avamere recently received responses from an employee satisfaction survey distributed in May. These insights help leaders understand how employees feel about their leaders, team, and work culture.

Avamere hears the voice of their employees and will use this information to see a holistic overview of employee satisfaction, allowing leaders to drill down to individual properties and develop steadfast solutions to continually foster a positive company culture.

2. Striving to meet your needs

Avamere’s Executive Vice President Mike Billings recently met with 60 employees across the Avamere Family of Companies to find out their needs, their pain points, and how Avamere can best support them in their role.

Your voices were heard, and Avamere is taking next steps following these focus groups to meet with regional leaders to see how these needs can be met.


3. More room to grow

We have a lot of potential across our family of companies! One of the primary goals of the People Priority is to provide more opportunities for our team members to grow as leaders and individuals.

One of the ways Avamere is striving to help employees grow is through leadership development. The executive team experienced an intensive workshop of Infinity Rehab’s Leadership Academy. This half-day event has provided the building blocks for Avamere leaders to have this, and potentially future, experiences.


4. Recognizing you

The People Priority is all about our employees. Going forward into the next few years, Avamere hopes to develop more professional development opportunities, more employee recognition, and ultimately continually foster a positive culture where every employee feels valued.

Keep up with our progress and work around the strategic priorities! Follow Avamere on YouTube and keep a lookout in the Insider.

Not sure what the People Priority is? Find out in a minute!

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