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July 22, 2019

Dementia brings a lot of unknown. It’s scary for family members to navigate this world, whether their loved one has had dementia for years or if they’re in its early onset.

Caring for someone with dementia is truly a full-time commitment. That’s why staff at The Arbor at Bremerton welcome their memory care residents as family into an environment specifically tailored to those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

One big family

“I get nothing but praise for our staff,” said Brock Crosby, Executive Director at The Arbor at Bremerton.

He visits with resident family members once every quarter to check in, and they often share their gratitude for the warm, welcoming staff.

There’s more to being a family than a friendly smile; family also understands each other and cares for one another. Brock makes sure his staff is well-trained and ready to meet the needs of their dementia residents.

They hold dementia training for their staff, and coming soon they’re launching Dementia Live, a simulator that reveals what it’s really like to live with dementia.

Brock has completed the course twice and is excited to extend the same opportunity to his staff and resident family members.

“It helps you be able to connect with the residents,” Brock said about the simulator.

An environment tailored for memory care

The Arbor at Bremerton is designed for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia from the artwork on the walls to the technology they use.

According to Brock, research shows bright, vibrant artwork is stimulating for those with dementia. Their community features such artwork, as well as older photos from their residents’ era to spark nostalgia.

Each room is equipped with a sensor to track resident movement. Staff can track if a resident is feeling restless and when they get out of their bed or wheelchair.

This allows staff to respond more efficiently and quickly.

Enjoying life at The Arbor at Bremerton

Many of the residents enjoy bowling (offered in-house), Bingo, and outings. They also have a chance to stay connected with the local news and enjoy a good discussion during a popular activity, coffee and news. Residents gather for a good cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with a breakfast treat while staff inform them about current events.

“It’s stimulating and helps keep them in-the-know,” Brock said.

Residents listen to the news and sometimes engage in friendly debates.

“It’s a big roundtable discussion,” Brock noted.

Day stays

The Arbor at Bremerton offers adult daycare. Each senior in daycare gets their own room and enjoys the same meals and activities as the residents. Staff can manage medications and care for seniors with dementia while their loved ones are at work or running errands.

Schedules are flexible based on the family’s needs. Contact The Arbor at Bremerton for more information.

Proudly recognized for quality care

The Arbor at Bremerton is recognized for their quality care by the American Health Care Association. They’re proud to be the only 2019 recipients of the Bronze – Commitment to Quality Award in Kitsap County.

We’d love to meet you! Schedule a visit today to to explore care for your loved one.

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