Avamere and IBM Partner for Senior Living and Skilled Nursing Research Project

Avamere is working with IBM researchers to monitor movement, air quality, gait analysis, factors that could lead to fall risk, and daily activities, including personal hygiene, sleeping patterns, incontinence and trips to the bathroom. IBM will then leverage its cognitive computing to analyze this streaming sensor data to help Avamere create and maintain a contextual understanding of its residents. Click here to read more.



Additional Information

John W. Morgan, CEO Avamere Family of Companies, discusses the research project on IBM’s Age and Ability blog. Click here to read more.

TIME writes about Avamere and IBM’s partnership in the context of aging and affordability. Click here to read the article.

“Our goal here is keeping individuals in their homes as long as possible,” John Morgan, Avamere CEO, tells Business Insider. “But when there is a requirement to intervene, we’d love to do that as early as possible, because the outcomes are significantly better.” Click here to read the full article.

“By analyzing data streaming from sensors in senior living facilities, Avamere hopes to gain insights into physical and environmental conditions, and obtain deeper learnings into the factors that affect 30-day hospital readmission rates in patients.” Click here to read the full article.

IBM and Avamere are jointly interviewed on the goals of the research project. Click here to read the full article.

Senior Housing News interviewed Avamere CEO John W. Morgan and Infinity Rehab President Mike Billings about the IBM pilot project. Click here to read the full article.