Outpatient Rehabilitation for Independent Seniors

It is through our mission to enhance the life of every person we serve that we strive to make our comprehensive rehabilitation services available when and where you need them. Outpatient Rehabilitation – whether it is physical, occupational, or speech related – is a convenient way for you to continue on your path to recovery without having to spend time in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. When Outpatient Rehabilitation is prescribed by your physician, it is typically an indication that you are doing well enough to be allowed to continue your course of treatments independent of a care facility.Mature Man Working With a Physical Therapist

Outpatient Rehabilitation is especially convenient for seniors residing in one of our Independent Living campuses. But for those in the surrounding communities that we serve, our doors are open to you to help return you back to the level of comfort and independence you enjoyed prior to illness or injury. For example, Outpatient Rehabilitation can play a key role in returning one’s ability to walk after a leg injury, regain the coordination to pick up everyday objects after hand surgery, or even recover the ability to speak after a stroke.

If you can’t make it to one of Avamere Family of Companies’ Outpatient Rehabilitation locations, we provide in-home therapy services through our partnership with Signature Home Health.