Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19

Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19

Written by Avamere Living

September 21, 2020

The challenges staying connected during COVID-19

The Avamere Family of Companies  knows the COVID-19 pandemic has caused challenges for many. Avamere serves primarily seniors, and this demographic in particular has had added challenges because of COVID-19. With visitation limited in senior care communities, a propensity for isolation, and reduced social gatherings, helping seniors stay connected is hard.

So, just how do we help seniors stay connected during COVID-19?

Video chats

Take advantage of all that technology has to offer and assist a senior with a video chat. Help them learn how to start a video chat if they haven’t before. If they don’t have access to technology, find ways that they might be able to borrow a device.

Pen pals

Many local schools and churches are organizing pen pal campaigns, where children and even adults are assigned a pen pal to write to. It’s an “old school” way of connecting that many seniors are familiar with. In the absence of an official pen pal program, encourage seniors to write to a family member or friend. They hopefully will get a response back!

Get out and about

If it’s safe to do so, have seniors get out and about to stay connected. For example, plan a visit to the library to pick up books curbside or enjoy an outdoor concert in a local park. Cities and businesses are finding creative ways to engage with the community, so check what your local town might be hosting.

Plan gatherings with caution

Seniors are suffering from isolation during the pandemic. Some seniors could benefit from carefully planned gatherings. If the weather is nice, plan an outdoor lunch while remaining socially distant. Organize a game night or card game and be sure to wash your hands, wear masks, and social distance. A simple gathering can mean the world to a senior and help them stay connected.

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