Our Avamere Nurse Heroes

Our Avamere Nurse Heroes

Written by Avamere Living

May 13, 2021

National Nurses Week

During National Nurses Week,  Avamere  extends a special thanks to our nurses as they continue to provide quality care and compassion to our patients and residents. Nurses deserve special recognition for their efforts in delivering care while encompassing the principles of ethical practice.

National Nurses Week is observed every year May 6-12. May 12 also honors Florence Nightingale’s birthday, a British nurse and social reformer who was the foundational philosopher of modern nursing.

Employees across Avamere nominated their favorite nurses who are living our core values and mission statement. Thank you, Avamere nurses!

Our Avamere Nurse Heroes

Avamere nurse heroes

Jo is a nurse who is so dedicated to her residents and her CNAs. She displays care and love to them on a daily basis. She knows her residents likes and dislikes, what makes them happy, and what makes them feel special. She helps her CNAs every day, too. Nothing is “beneath her.” Jo is passionate about quality care.

Jo Talbott, Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of Sequim

Julie is a dedicated nurse and takes call 24-7. She advocates for excellence in care. She is a great leader to her team. We can always depend on her. She cares so much about her residents and team! She provides quality of care and her skills are AMAZING! She is currently working full time and going to RN school. She is our superhero, and we love her!

Julie Jordan, Avamere at St. Helens

CJ works tirelessly to ensure Avamere community-based care is successful. As an RNC, he has great energy and makes everyone around him better. We are lucky to have him on our team!

CJ Chin, Avamere Living CBC Regional Nurse

Always has a smile on his face, saves the day when other cannot – the communities get excited when they find out RNC CJ is coming to train or spend the day at their community. As one of the newer staff members to Avamere, he makes my days brighter and happy he is my side kick!

CJ Chin, Avamere Living CBC Regional Nurse (second nomination)

CJ is currently the only RNC for the CBC team, he has gone above and beyond for all regions, not just his own. Willing to help seven days a week, including working in the communities with no DHS all throughout the weekends to ensure they maintain compliance. CJ is a rockstar!!!

CJ Chin, Avamere Living CBC Regional Nurse (third nomination)

She is passionate with her work, working hard and long hours. Perfectionist. She always thinks of what is best for the residents all the time.

Katie Davis, Avamere at Sherwood

Kay has worked endless hours making sure our residents and staff are up-to-date and safe with infection control measures. Kay has always been available to help anyone, anywhere at any time. She shows the core values every day, and I know she deserves to be recognized by all her hard work at Laurelhurst.

Keuth Thavivong, Laurelhurst Village

There are so many amazing nurses working at Avamere, under incredible burdens, but Judy has never failed to come to the aid of the building, working shift after shift, so the residents’ needs are met, while continuing to perform her “real” job of care manager. A thank you is never enough for someone who sacrifices her time to continue to help fill in the holes during this national nurse shortage. Thank you, Judy Stewart. It has been an honor to work with you.

Judy Stewart, Avamere Rehabilitation of Rogue Valley

Loyal, dedicated, and quality leader. She is truly the glue that holds St. Francis together.

Leah Buress, Avamere at St. Francis

She has worked tirelessly, especially during the pandemic, to get the standards of care up to par in this building. She is a positive force in our building.

Judy Gott, Avamere Rehabilitation at Sunnyside

Patty, RN, is the Nursing Assistant Primary Instructor at Avamere Crestview of Portland. She puts her whole heart into teaching and training the future nurses of Avamere in the Portland area. You can see her genuine support for her students and graduates in every interaction – she is truly their #1 and supports them in their career path. See a video message Patty shared about the realities of senior care during COVID-19: https://youtu.be/gPecnXPQWTA.

Patty Winter, Avamere Crestview of Portland

Kim Games has had to wear many hats this year with COVID-19 from IP nurse, QAPI nurse, RNC, and Policy Queen and has done it all in stride with a calm, reassuring approach that has helped us all stay calm throughout the pandemic with all of the constant changes to policies and procedures. Despite all of this being a beyond full-time job she has also continued to stay on top of the nurse manager training and has held them for all of the regions! If that isn’t enough, she has also always made herself available to assist with a mock survey, system review, or chart review when asked. She truly is such a HUGE asset to Avamere!!! Super Nurse Kim Games!

Kim Games, Education Nurse/QAPI, Home Office

Shannon is our wound care nurse and goes way beyond her scope of practice to provide the highest quality of care and always with a professional and pleasant attitude.

Shannon Daily, Avamere Rehabilitation of Lebanon

Todd is an exceptional nurse! He shows true compassion and demonstrates astounding care for each of his Residents. He is also a pleasure to work with and always brings a pleasant vibe to the workplace!

Todd Lowry, Avamere at Newberg

Because she is always ready and willing to lend a hand and always so bubbly. Never complains and always has a smile on her face. Embodies the Avamere mission “To enhance the life of every person we serve.” She does this daily from the housekeepers, CNAs, dietary staff, and families. She needs to be recognized for her hard work and impossible hurdles she makes look easy to anyone who doesn’t understand her position. Without her as a Charge Nurse, St 1 and 2 would be very dull and not as lively as it is.

Bev MatuseAvamere at Three Fountains

Ben is new to our facility and is amazing! Ben has already gone above and beyond assisting staff and residents with care and needs. Truly is impressive and I’m great full he joined our Avamere team.

Ben Goodly, Suzanne Elise

Because she is a rock star. She is always pleasant with staff and residents. She works hard, she gives it her all when she in the building. Great nurse, always willing to train or teach others.

Lisa RaynishAvamere at Cascadia Village

She is truly amazing and willing to step up whenever asked and help others. She will go wherever she needs to go and do whatever anyone needs of her. She always has a positive attitude and never complains no matter how many times she gets called upon. Lisa has helped train numerous other nurses and is always happy to help! We would be lost without her in our division!!

Lisa RaynishAvamere at Cascadia Village (second nomination)

I am nominating the both of them because they are AMAZING! They are both very hard workers, they are dependable, and they are both just overall amazing people who love their jobs! To me, they are an inspiration. Seeing how hard they work truly makes me want to be a better self.

Lisa RaynishAvamere at Cascadia Village (third nomination)

Because for the last year these LNs have been educating staff/residents/family members on a continuing basis as things changes. They have updated everyone as things change on an almost daily basis, monitored and did their best to prevent or decrease the risk of COIVD-19 in our facilities. Often dealing with people who are tired of the rules and PPE requirements. They have worked long and tirelessly often without thanks.

Heather Chavez and Alexis FransworthAvamere Rehabilitation at Fiesta Park

Nikki has done a fantastic job of stepping into a difficult role and providing stability, growth and new opportunities. Nikki’s leadership and innovation allowed our building to open the first COVID-19 positive unit in Colorado. Nikki and her team set the precedence for best in practice standards. Nikki was an integral leader that proved how dedication, extraordinary attention to detail, and hours of sleepless nights creating a process and environment where COVID-19 positive patients could heal and begin to thrive. During this time Nikki was also the interim DNS. She was able to navigate the unknown of being a DNS and now a pandemic. We are truly blessed to have a strong, determined nurse leader.

Nikki Sanders, Avamere Transitional Care – Brighton

She goes above and beyond, really connects with resident and is easy to work with. Always a team player!

Alena Pudilova, Avamere Transitional Care  Boise

Tiffany is extremely dedicated, competent, and displays impeccable critical thinking skills in order to provide the highest quality of care to her patients.

Tiffany Ekerson, The Pearl at Kruse Way

Lisa is an incredible nurse, not only that but she is 110% a team player. Whenever I have needed help or if I have had questions for her, she is there. She is also there for other communities/staff. Lisa is a bright and shining star not only as a nurse, but she is a tremendous asset to Avamere. She is one in a million but second to none!

Avamere Living SNF Infection Control Nurses

Kind, treats her employees like gold, understanding of the stresses of the pandemic, insightful to give time off for mental health, organized, efficient, and very knowledgeable of the regulations.

Kristi Lott, Queen Anne Healthcare

Marissa has the heart of an angel and the strength of a lion. Her compassion to advocate for our residents and staff every single day above all else is admirable and inspiring. Shown daily through her positive attitude, genuine smile, caring nature and work ethic she’s a prime example of what the Avamere core values truly represent. Marissa is also strong administratively; besides her daily duties she is always checking to make sure we are following company policy and stays on top of the ever-changing state/county and CDC guidelines. Marissa is a strong leader who is well liked and respected. She goes above and beyond to support her co-workers and me. In any way she can by always making herself available despite her own workload. Marissa is an asset to Avamere and to our leadership team here at Newberg.

Marissa Blankenship, Avamere at Newberg

Because of her passion for her work, integrity, and leadership. She loves and cares for the residents. She is always positive and cheerful.

Naomi Prevatt, Avamere at Three Fountains

I worked next to her during the outbreak of COVID-19 in the building. She was prompt, professional, and willing to do what was necessary. Our residents feel confident with her nursing skills.

Roxanne Shaw, Avamere Living CBC

She comes in early, stays late. Will help anyone anytime. Always the first manager here and last to leave

Melony C., Richmond Beach Rehab

She is always on top of her work. The patients love her. She shows she really does care. She goes above and beyond her job and is always willing to help. She smiles all of the time and she is always kind and positive. She is a ray of sunshine in our building. She works well with all staff and offers her assistance at all times.

Shannon Daily, Avamere Rehabilitation of Lebanon

Can always count on her for EVERYTHING.

Jennifer Mwikhali, Avamere at Park Place

Nadia provides excellent, personalized patient care. She is compassionate about her residents; they feel that she really cares about them. Nadia is not afraid of a challenge and has stepped up. Nadia is able to fill in at multiple roles in the facility such as charge nurse, med aide, CNA, infection preventionist, RCM, she really can do it all.

Nadia Kolbert, Avamere Rehabilitation of Clackamas

Exceptional commitment to residents and staff as evidenced by staff loyalty, leadership ability, nursing skills and going above and beyond to assure building is staffed. Liz has the ability to facilitate emergency staffing shortages, address resident specific issues as they arise ALL remotely from wherever she may be because of the team’s loyalty to her which she I am sure she earned.

Elizabeth Martin, Avamere Bellingham

Lynn consistently gives 150%. She works the cart when needed, comes in on weekends, and is overall a genius. One of the smartest nurses there is. She’s phenomenal with families and residents and has professional relationships with providers, maintaining a good reputation with providers in the  community.

Lynnique Pearson, Avamere Heritage Rehabilitation of Tacoma

She is a good nurse, always willing to help and does beyond her responsibilities.

Katie Davies, Avamere at Sherwood

Levi Goddard is hardworking, dedicated, and compassionate. He gives 100% to his residents and staff!

Levi Goddard, Avamere Rehabilitation of Oregon City

Mountain Ridge could not preform to the level that it does without the help of Nicole. She is on top of every resident’s care and she is the Infection Control Queen. Nicole goes to bat for every resident and has tirelessly devoted herself to protecting them from COVID-19. When we had a COVID-19 outbreak she moved into the memory care hall that had COVID-19 to limit staff exposure and care for the residents for three weeks. She is doing all of this at the same time she is furthering her education and degree. Nicole is a real-life superhero.

Nicole Cook, Avamere at Mountain Ridge

This nurse keeps the building running smoothly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Focus on keeping the staff and residents safe.

Karen Bowen, Avamere Heritage Rehabilitation of Tacoma

Karla is dedicated to what she does and I hear nothing but great things from employees and other facility hiring managers.

Karla Lenow, Avamere Crestview of Portland

He goes above and beyond everyday with his staff and our residents.

Cris Mendez, Avamere at Phoenix

He goes above and beyond everyday with his staff and our residents.

Cris Mendez, Avamere at Phoenix (second nomination)

Kandyse is a wonderful nurse, her willingness to help others inspires those around her. She always comes to work with a positive attitude and fellow nurses agree that they strive to achieve her calmness, level-headedness, and great sense of humor. Avamere Rehabilitation of Oregon City is grateful to have such an amazing nurse on their team for them and their residents.

Kandyse Lee, Avamere Rehabilitation of Oregon City

Because she is the best.

Kandyse Lee, Avamere Rehabilitation of Oregon City (second nomination)

Tanys has a heart bigger than she is tall. Anyone can see that her goal is to make sure all the residents are happy and healthy. She is a major team player in our building.

Tanys Ross, Avamere at Moses Lake

She is amazing! Compassionate, dedicated, thorough, caring, committed. PJ effectively communicates, thinks critically, and works efficiently caring for patients on our service as well as their circle of support including loved ones, caregivers, and providers.

PJ Bartron, Signature Hospice Medford

We are nominating our LPN Ashley Taylor. She began as a CNA with our company in 2012, providing loving care to our residents. As she continued working, she also went to school for her LPN. She has worked as an LPN since 2016. Ashley continues to advance within Avamere and was promoted to RCM in 2019. And in the fall she has been accepted into the RN program! She brings years of experience and dedication to our facility, and we are proud to have her in our Avamere family!

Ashley Taylor, Bend Transitional Care

She is the rock that keeps it all together. Especially though the tough days.

Kaliann Brewster, Avamere at Sandy

Her dedication to her job, her positive attitude at all times. Minney is always professional.

Amazing person, does well under stress, is a wonderful leader, and is kind and compassionate.

Minney Lee, Avamere Rehabilitation of King City

She goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She wears soooo many hats every day and continues to serve with a smile.

Cindy McCormack, Bend Transitional Care

Angie has done an amazing job as the infection control nurse here at Lebanon. We have been COVID-19 free and she is always making sure staff, residents, and families are following all policies and procedures. Lisa is an amazing nurse with a kind heart. She has worked for Avamere in many roles including float nurse and RNC. She has always been willing to jump in and help where ever she can. Lisa embraces the core values in everything she does. She is a true asset to Avamere.

Angela Bingham, Avamere Rehabilitation of Lebanon

Kassie is the definition of a true team player. She is a Resident Care Manager, but does so much more than just that. She jumps on the floor and helps both charge nurses and CNAs alike. She also helps the other RCMs complete their work and goes to bat for every resident in our building. She is dedicated, caring, and emulates what a real nurse is. We are so thankful to have Kassie on our team and on our side.

Kassandra Montoya, Avamere Riverpark of Eugene

There are so many reasons but the care she has to go above and beyond every day is amazing.

Mary Nichols, Avamere at Waterford

Jen is an amazing nurse! She has been with this building for seven years and is a key component in what makes this building function. Jen is not only a knowledgeable RCM, she is also a skilled bedside nurse. She is willing to help on the floor whenever staffing asks and is up for any challenge sent her way. She is kind to residents and nurses alike and is an excellent motivator for Avamere standards. We couldn’t do this without her. Her compassion, dedication, and knowledge are vital to this building.

Jennifer Zivney, Avamere Rehabilitation of King City

She’s a hard worker and she’s very charismatic.

Sasha, Avamere Assisted Living

She is everywhere helping out. She is pleasant. She stays on top of what is needed to be handled and if it needs another, she utilizes the staff. Residents like her also. She is a go-to nurse with questions from this AD.

Hoa, Avamere Crestview of Portland

Esther shows passion and true dedication in her work. She sacrifices much of her time outside of work coming in willing to help at any time. One of many heroes to be recognized, especially during the pandemic. Esther gets 10 across the board from me.

Esther Clarke, Avamere Transitional Care of Puget Sound

Rupa demonstrates all of our core values. She is always willing to lend a hand in every department, not just her own. She exudes confidence, compassion, kindness to everyone she meets. A true asset to the Avamere family.

Rupa Snowden, Avamere at Port Townsend

Being a nurse, helping others, and education is her life. She cares for those around her and always puts their needs ahead of her own.

Naomi Prevatt, Avamere at Three Fountains

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