Value of Enrichment Activities for Ogden Seniors

Written by Avamere Living

April 13, 2021

Staying engaged and enriched in our lives is important at any age, and remains vital for numerous seniors and those approaching senior age. In fact, one of the top reasons some seniors choose to make the move to a senior living community, a decision often made alongside valued family members, is to increase their ability to regularly participate in enriching life activities and pursuits that might be tougher or unavailable in other settings.

At Avamere at Mountain Ridge, we’re proud to provide numerous assisted living programs and activities as part of our senior care community in Ogden, Utah. Our staff members regularly assist our residents with identifying and taking part in a huge variety of different pursuits that are possible on our premises, allowing all our guests to get the most out of their days and live fulfilling, independent lives. Here are some quick words on the value of these activities, plus how to get involved and make the most of every day.

Value of Enrichment Activities

There’s been a huge amount of research published over the years on the value of staying enriched in life as we age. They’ve identified several specific benefits:

  • Cognitive health: Per the New England Journal of Medicine, staying engaged in a social setting during senior and retirement years has a direct impact on cognitive abilities. It increases stimulation of brain cells, helping older people maintain cognitive abilities for longer.
  • Physical activity: Various enrichment pursuits also promote physical activity, even if it’s on a very light basis. This is vital for those who are aging, assisting with prevention of sedentary lifestyle dangers, which can be significant for those in senior age ranges.
  • Isolation prevention: Per the CDC, many seniors feel disconnected or isolated, and this can have a direct negative health impact, including areas like obesity and heart disease. But by taking part in regular activity, this risk is lessened or removed.

Next we’ll go over a couple tips on finding the best activities, either as a senior yourself or a caregiver.

Schedule and Trying New Things

Our senior living community, just like many others, maintains a monthly activities calendar that’s accessible to all our guests. Check this calendar out and find the programs that seem best for your situation and schedule, including both those you have to leave your room for and those you can participate in virtually (these have become more common over the last year). In many cases, seniors or their caregivers will map out a week or even a full month of activities to take part in.

If only a few of the activities listed seem like they fit for you, consider venturing outside your comfort zone. Try attending something new to see if you like it; if not, you can simply avoid it the next time. Many of our guests find entirely new pursuits they really enjoy just because they’re willing to take a bit of a leap.

Staff Assistance

If you need assistance with any part of this, our staff is happy to help. Our team members will show you the event calendar and how to sign up for various activities, plus will work with you to connect you with other guests who have similar interests. We’ll answer any questions and help make this part of the experience as simple and beneficial as possible.

For more on the importance of seniors staying enriched, or to learn about any of our assisted living and related communities in Ogden, speak to the staff at Avamere at Mountain Ridge today.

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