Careers in Focus: Maintenance Managers

Mike Raines from Rogue Valley

April 10, 2024

In the heart of Avamere Living, where the focus is on providing exceptional care to residents, lies a team of dedicated professionals who ensure the smooth operation of facilities. In this article, we delve into conversations with two maintenance managers, Jesse Johnson of Bend Transitional Care and Mike Raines from Avamere Health Services of Rogue Valley, to gain insights into their roles, challenges, and the unique culture at Avamere.

Jesse Johnson: Navigating the Challenges

At Avamere, Jesse Johnson has made a significant impact in maintenance management in just one year. “Many people think you’re just there to twist light bulbs,” Jesse reflects, highlighting a common misconception about his role. In reality, his responsibilities extend beyond light bulbs and include life safety, budgeting, and addressing unforeseen crises, like battling frozen boilers during a severe freeze. Despite the challenges, Jesse finds fulfillment in fostering connections with residents during their best moments, a sentiment echoed by Mike Raines.

“Many people think you’re just there to twist light bulbs, but it’s about life safety budgeting and addressing crises, like battling frozen boilers during a severe freeze.” – Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson from Bend Transitional Care

Jesse Johnson from Bend Transitional Care


Mike Raines: A Tale of Adaptability

With six years at Avamere, Mike Raines’ journey exemplifies adaptability and growth within the organization. Starting as a cook, he transitioned to maintenance at the behest of an Administrator who recognized his potential. As the sole maintenance person, Mike juggles diverse tasks, debunking misconceptions about his role’s simplicity. From fire safety inspections to room setups and repairs, his days are a testament to versatility and dedication.

“Everybody thinks it’s simple, but there’s a lot to it—between work orders, monthly tasks, weekly tasks, it’s all about managing multiple responsibilities efficiently.” – Mike Raines

Navigating the Daily Grind

Both Jesse and Mike offer insights into their day-to-day routines, which encompass a wide array of responsibilities. From ensuring compliance with safety regulations to managing repairs and setups, their roles are multifaceted and demanding. Yet, amidst the challenges, they find solace in the connections forged with residents and colleagues, embodying Avamere’s ethos of compassionate care. Jesse says, My days are a whirlwind of tasks, from fire safety inspections to repairs and setups, but it’s all worth it when I see the impact on our residents’ lives.”

Mike Raines from Rogue Valley

Mike Raines from Rogue Valley


Avamere: More Than a Workplace

Both Jesse and Mike emphasize the familial atmosphere at Avamere, where colleagues are more than coworkers—they’re family. This sense of unity fosters a supportive environment that transcends professional duties, enriching the lives of both residents and staff. “At Avamere, we’re more than just coworkers—we’re family,” says Jesse. “The support and camaraderie here make all the difference in our day-to-day work.”

Meeting the Demands with Dedication

From Jesse’s perspective, the job entails a 24/7 commitment, where calls for assistance are a constant rhythm, akin to any other administrative position. As he aptly puts it, “It’s a 24-hour job. I mean, I get calls all the time, just like anyone else on the admin team.” This constant influx of tasks may seem daunting to some, but for Jesse, it’s a testament to his unwavering dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents.

Similarly, Mike Raines navigates the complexities of his role with a proactive approach, never shying away from seeking assistance when needed. Mike emphasizes the importance of collaboration, stating, “If there’s something that I can’t figure out or if it’s something too big that I can’t do on my own, then I always ask for help.” This willingness to reach out for support underscores Mike’s commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of his work.

Despite the challenges presented by maintenance management’s ever-evolving demands, Jesse and Mike approach their responsibilities with optimism and resilience. They view each task as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the residents’ lives.

Guidance for Prospective Maintenance Managers

Jesse and Mike offer concise yet invaluable advice to those aspiring to become maintenance managers at Avamere. Jesse advocates for patience and prioritization, advising them to tackle tasks individually and prioritize them accordingly. He emphasizes, “Take one thing at a time… prioritize and tackle each task in order of importance.”

Mike encourages prospective managers to embrace challenges, stating, “Go for it… things that seem so simple are not always as simple as they seem.” He underscores the importance of determination and resilience in the face of obstacles.

Both Jesse and Mike highlight the rewarding nature of maintenance management at Avamere, emphasizing the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on residents’ lives.

Beyond the Work: Finding Balance

Outside of their professional pursuits, Jesse and Mike find balance in outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and bowling. These hobbies offer moments of respite amidst the demands of their roles, reflecting the importance of self-care in the caregiving profession.

In candid discussions with Jesse Johnson and Mike Raines, we were able to uncover the backbone of maintenance management at Avamere: a fusion of unwavering commitment, adaptability, and empathy. Their stories illustrate maintenance managers’ indispensable role in ensuring residents’ comfort, safety, and overall well-being. Together, they remind us of the profound impact individuals can make when driven by dedication and compassion, echoing the very essence of Avamere’s mission.

A big thank-you goes out to every Maintenance Manager working tirelessly behind the scenes at all of our facilities – your work is noticed and appreciated!

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