Four Avamere Representatives Nominated to AHCA Committees

February 16, 2024

Avamere has a long-standing history of encouraging community relations and partnerships with outside organizations, especially those that represent the industry at a large scale. The American Health Care Association/ National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) represent over 14,000 long term care and post-acute providers across the nation. They are the largest advocacy group in both Capitol Hill and state houses nationwide, representing the local impact of LTC through workforce development best practices, reimbursement education and advocacy, and resources for sharing and delivering quality care to those we serve.

AHCA/NCAL has over 29 committees made up of providers and representatives from across the US. These committees include their Board of Governors, Council of States, Diversity Executive Leadership Program, Quality Improvement Committee, and more. The roles of the committees are to help in the essential decision-making of what is affecting Long Term Care and Senior Housing providers across the nation and how to address it. From identifying problems, assisting with data review, uncovering alternative actions, making recommendations to the AHCA/NCAL Board of Governors and Council of States, and providing policy and strategy guidance for AHCA/NCAL, the committees are a vital aspect of the continued growth and progress of both AHCA and our industry.

Four Avamere team members were appointed to various committees for the 2024/2025 biennium:


Kim Games: Survey and Regulatory Committee

Roxy Stennett: Workforce Committee

Maggie Hilty: Customer Experience Committee, Political Action and Involvement Committee

Jessica Burkard: Political Action and Involvement Committee

We are proud to have Avamere Team members representing not only our group of facilities, but also as a voice of all providers in the development of innovative practices of our industry. Here is a short description of what each committee focuses on, and how our involvement is making a difference.

Committees At A Glance:

Survey/Regulatory: The purpose of this committee is to advocate for changes to the existing survey and enforcement system that improve the quality of life for residents. This committee focuses on issues such as consistency in survey practices and enforcement, enforcement activities such as CMPs and the Special Focus Facility program, and promoting the recognition of good faith efforts.

Workforce: The purpose of the workforce committee is to improve the stability, supply, and performance of staff in LTC settings. The committee focuses on issues such as staff turnover, retention and satisfaction, and engagement, and accomplishes their work through the development of tools and resources.

Customer Experience: The purpose of the Customer Experience Committee (CEC) is to champion the importance of meeting customer expectations now and in the future. The CEC focuses on issues such as the adoption of “coreQ” and discussing customer expectations and experiences across the continuum of care. They develop tools and resources to support members in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through collecting, analyzing, and using data to drive improvement.

Political Action and Involvement (PAIC): The PAIC is the grassroots and political advocacy group that supports the overall priorities of the AHCA Government Relations Team. The committee focuses on three areas: Fundraising, Events, and Advocacy. The committee woks to support the growth of a diverse network of advocates, including increasing the number and quality of key legislative contacts, enhancing the relationship between AHCA/NCAL and Members of Congress, and maintaining enthusiasm among political contributors.

To learn more about AHCA/NCAL, you can visit their website here: AHCA/NCAL (

To read a full list of AHCA/NCAL committees and learn more what each does, you can read a description of them here: MX R2Go > About Us > Our Committees (*AHCA login required

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