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Welcome to Avamere Health and Fitness Club

We have been serving seniors and the wider public in the Medford area for more than 15 years. Our first goal was to simply provide a comfortable space where adults 40 and over could workout among their peers and feel good about their success at any level.

Our second goals was to show the health benefits of exercise for improving one’s quality of life at any age. We’re pleased that the Medford community has embraced our senior fitness club. We strive to fulfill the Avamere Family of Companies motto every single day,“To enhance the life of every person we serve.”

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Fitness After 40 is Attainable

Thanks to Avamere’s Health and Fitness Club, fitness after 40 is not only attainable but can be enjoyable, too. More than 500 members take pleasure in our senior fitness club’s many amenities and benefits. They rave about our large, warm water exercise and lap pool. They feel motivated and comfortable in our senior fitness environment to work-out—even with medical conditions. They also appreciate the personalized attention and knowledge that our highly trained Medford fitness instructors provide.

Indoor Pool
Indoor Pool

Many think choosing a healthier lifestyle is difficult. We believe it doesn’t have to be. Everything about our Medford fitness facility is designed around improving fitness for seniors. Our adult exercise equipment is specially designed for maximal strength and optimal gain. Our adult exercise-only environment lets members stay focused and disciplined in their pursuit to better senior fitness while also having the chance to relax and catch up with old and new friends alike.

We invite you to use our adult exercise equipment, attend one of our senior fitness exercise or aquatic classes offing a variety of intensity levels, or partner with one of our personalized senior fitness trainers. You’ll quickly learn why members continually recommend us to their friends.



Various Levels of Water Exercise Classes for You

*Classes subject to change, based on attendance, instructor availability and programming needs.

Our Medford water exercise classes offer members a variety of intensity levels and workouts similar to our land-based adult exercise classes. However, there are advantages when doing these exercises in the water. The water allows freer movements of joints and less gravitational stress on the body.

Indoor Pool & Hot Tub
Indoor Pool

So try a class today and remember to relax and rejuvenate yourself further in our wonderful jetted spa. Class descriptions are below. View water exercise class schedule here.

  • Aqua Arthritis – A traditional arthritis exercise class in waist to chest deep water.
  • Deep Water Arthritis – A deep water variation of aquatic exercise. Full immersion properties of water support joints, promote healing and create full body resistance.
  • Health Hinges – A gentle class perfect for beginners and those who are very deconditioned. The emphasis is on joint mobility, healthy movement patterns, muscular flexibility and light general conditioning. Move at your own pace in a supportive environment.
  • Joints in Motion – This class is a step up from “Healthy Hinges”. The movements are more energetic and continuous to help build more conditioning and joint strength. Flexibility, general conditioning, endurance and fun are emphasized in this class set to music.
  • Hi Intensity – A high intensity movement focused class. Class focus is on achieving a total body workout. Combining shallow and deep water techniques with emphasis on overall body conditioning and general fitness. You will be encouraged to challenge yourself and reach new fitness boundaries.
  • Aqua Tone – A vigorous and energizing workout to tone and sculpt your body. This class emphasizes muscular strength and endurance combined with balance and flexibility exercises for overall conditioning. If you like to move and work hard this is the class for you.
  • H2O Fitness – A vigorous water exercise class for those who really want to push to the next level of fitness. This dynamic routine will challenge and invigorate you.
  • Makin’ Waves – An active class that will help you create the leaner, stronger body you want. This moderate to high intensity class combines strength and aerobic fitness to help you sculpt your body.
  • Easter Seals Classes – We are proud to partner with community organizations. Our E.S. class is held every Thursday and serves the fitness and fun needs of individuals of different abilities.
  • Private Swim Lessons – Available for adults and children!



Adult Fitness Classes that Build Confidence

*Classes subject to change, based upon attendance, instructor availability and programming needs.

Members take part in our Medford adult fitness classes for many reasons. Some need the camaraderie of peers to discipline and motivate themselves. Other members like the ability to focus on a certain body part or particular health need. Others just find it more fun to do adult fitness exercises with others. If any of these reasons ring true for you, join us for one of our adult exercise classes.

Fitness Equipment
Fitness Equipment

Many of our most popular senior exercise classes are included in your membership. And all adult exercise classes are led by credentialed staff members specialized in helping those with medical conditions. Class descriptions follow. View adult fitness exercises schedule here.

  • Gentle Joints – A seated exercise class that is fun and safe for all. Particularly for those who are chair bound, have balance difficulties, or are very deconditioned. Focus is on gentle joint movements, muscular movement patterns, posture and breathing. A fun and supportive class.
  • Arthritis Exercise – A land base arthritis exercise class designed to decrease pain, increase mobility, improve general conditioning and help you take control of your functional life again.
  • Cardio Blast – This program combines the stimulating effects of interval training with strength training in a fun group format.
  • Feelin’ Good Fitness – Increase your flexibility and strength while improving your balance. Our class combines the benefits of strength training with resistance bands and hand weights. Excellent and appropriate for all levels of ability strength, muscle, posture and body awareness.
  • Strong Woman, Strong Bones – This Tufts University program is lead by one of our Tufts Certified Instructors. This specialized, progressive strength and conditioning program follows medical guidelines established by medical staff at Tufts. This program is NOT for women only, it is designed for anyone who is developing or has osteoporosis. Diagnosis of osteoporosis is not required. Class is open to all who would like professional strength training guidance without complex equipment, offered in a supportive small group setting.


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Avamere Health and Fitness Club
760 Spring St.
Medford, OR 97504

P: 541-734-3113


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